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Korea South
Advocate for Korea South
South Korea is a developed nation with a proud heritage and rich culture. Birth parents receive counseling and choose adoption for their children when they feel that it is appropriate. Most birth parents are young, single, and not prepared to provide a nurturing environment for their children because of economic disadvantages and the social stigma of single parenthood. Families will receive in-depth social and medical information on birth families. Children are are usually first admitted into a children's home, and then placed in foster care while they await adoption

Children Available: Some programs have healthy older infants/toddlers available, but in general minor to moderate special needs are common. The special needs program is excellent, with detailed information on each child. The medical records on these children are extremely well done and can be sent to a family considering the adoption of one of these sweet children.

Parent Qualifications: Married couples only may adopt from Korea. Both parents must be between the ages 25-44, no more than 15 years between them. Married for at least three years. No more than one divorce each, with 4 or less children in the family. Couples with no children must be open to either gender. Minimum income: $30,000. Must have a high school education . Parents should have no serious medical conditions and be no more than 30% overweight. Families adopting children with known medical or developmental needs may specify gender, but exceptions are rarely made on the other requirements.

Travel: Both parents must travel. Two trips of 7-10 days are required.

Timeline: Application and homestudy: 2-3 months, USCIS and dossier: 2-3 months, Referral: 3-5, Child’s arrival: 13-18+ months, Total timeframe: 22-29 months or 21-28 for Korean Heritage family

Tips: To get started, please read the RainbowKids Adoption Guide (left menu) first. The next step is to contact and compare agencies. You may easily do this by using the Contact Wizard on our website. Receiving feedback about agencies from an online discussion group is always helpful as well. Finally, when you bring your child home, be sure and send your story to RainbowKids. We love hearing from proud new families!

To contact all agencies placing children from Korea South with just one form, click here
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